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    A California employment lawyer is an attorney who specializes in California employment and labor law. A California employment lawyer focus their skills on helping federal, public and private employees receive the justice employees deserve. A California employment lawyer may handle labor and employment cases, civil litigation and employment discrimination cases.
    Most California employment lawyer who specializes in employment law will mostly represent either employers or employees. If you are an employee sexually harassed or have been discriminated, a California employment lawyer can help you receive compensation for damages you have incurred. Moreover, a California employment lawyer can assist you by providing legal assistance concerning hearings and appeals. Thus, an employee with a claim against his or her employer will probably hire a plaintiff’s lawyer who usually represents employees in employment law matters.
    In addition, even the most conscientious employer occasionally needs help from an employment lawyer. Although employers can handle many employment matters on their own, some issues are particularly tricky and will require some legal expertise. However, if you’re an employer defending your company against a claim by an employee, you may already have a working relationship with a California employment lawyer who can assist you on the matter, as many business law firms routinely handle employment law matters as well. At a minimum, your California employment lawyer could initially assess your problems and try to come up with a game plan to resolve them. But potential liability exposure on an employment law claims can be significant, so you may still want to talk to a California employment lawyer or a law firm that has a reputation for specializing in representing employers on such claims.

    Also, a California employment lawyer can quickly review and troubleshoot any employment related agreements you as an employer routinely use with your workers, such as severance agreements, releases or employment contracts. An employment lawyer can check your contracts to make sure that they contain all the necessary legal terms and will be enforced by a court. An attorney can also help you make difficult decisions about your employees. Particularly if you are worried that an employee might sue, you should consider getting legal advice before firing an employee for misconduct, performance problems, or other bad behavior. A lawyer can tell you not only whether terminating the worker will be legal, but also what steps you can take to minimize the risk of a lawsuit.

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