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    Social security is a government program intended to provide for the basic economic welfare and safety of individuals and their dependents. The programs classified under the term social security differ from one country to another, but all are the result of government legislation and all are designed to provide some kind of safeguard and monetary payment to pay a loss of or a deficiency in income.

    You may be wondering if you really need a California social security lawyer to represent you in your claims for social security benefits. You may be thinking that you could do just well representing yourself. Unless you know Social Security law, you should hire a competent California social security lawyer.

    The Social Security claims process can be a long and confusing one. It is helpful to have someone working for you that specialize, not only in law, but social security law. You should hire a California social security lawyer whose client base is mainly social security. By hiring a California social security lawyer who works on a contingency fee you will not have to pay them anything unless you win. Statistics show that people are far more likely to win their claim with a lawyer.

    A California social security lawyer helps injured workers file claims for Social Security disability benefits. If you have been denied of benefits, a California social security lawyer can assist you in the preparation and submission of additional evidence to have your claim reconsidered for approval. It is a fact that dealing with the Social Security Administration without any legal representation can result in a great deal of frustration and time wasted on your end. A competent California social security lawyer is experienced and proficient at understanding the SSA’s information requirement, thus, he can cut down and speed up the process of helping you receive your benefits.

    It might be in your best interest to hire a California social security lawyer before you file a claim just to ensure you have all the proper information in order. Social Security attorneys are trained to interpret the criteria set by the insurance companies for benefits. In many cases, people who are denied disability benefits at first often receive benefits after an attorney reviews their case. Moreover, a California social security lawyer can help you gather medical records and reports, gather evidence particular to your claim, accurately interpret the criteria stated in your policy and determine the best course of action for your claim. Hiring an experienced Social Security attorney could mean the difference in whether you ultimately collect benefits or not.

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